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I'm Pete...


Way back in around 2003 I was at a party with some friends, and some people I didn't know.  About 20 of us were sitting on the floor by the fire in a sort of circle.  Shelley, a dear friend at the time, (now no longer in the physical realm) who was a wonderful wordsmith, asked one of her famous questions that always caused a stir, and engaged people in worthwhile conversation.


what would you do to make the world a better place” she asked everyone…  


come on Jonesy” she said when it was my turn, “what would you do?”.  I’d already decided I’d speak my truth, despite my expectations of predictable reactions.


put women in charge”, I said.


As a child, I was brought up in a violent family environment.  I learnt at about four years old, how men can be with women, especially if they feel out of their depth, scared or inadequate.  And so, for the rest of my life, I have fiercely guarded the safety of women, where I can.


It has taken me several decades of work on myself to be where I am now, and get to the point where - having accepted the terrible things men can do - to finally not be ashamed of being a man anymore.  

I know women and men are just as wonderful as each other, I'm not a man hater, but women naturally have emotional intelligence and aptitude, that I believe means they are much more capable and suited, to being the major influence in organising and maintaining sustainable societies. 


I look at the world and I see women and girls being suppressed to such a degree that some girls are ‘not allowed’ to have an education.  This is half of our species, why would one half of a species, suppress the other?   Without each other, we don't exist, what motives fuel this behaviour?  Could it be fear


I know from my own background that men are subjected to a huge amount of stereotype pressure.  "Be strong", "don't cry", "man up".  That framework does not lend itself well to help a young man learn about emotions, and to understand that they don't just go away.  “these feelings never lose their force” a wise man said to me once, one way or another, they come out in our behaviour.  


So what we’ve ended up with, is men who, on the whole, are ill equipped to deal with their emotions and feelings, it’s less scary to suppress them with a pint and a football match than it is to ask oneself “why am I behaving like this, what am I scared of?”  Besides, other men are behaving like this so its got to be right.  Right?


Apply this globally and we might see women being oppressed by men, men who underneath their bavado, are actually scared of women, and their own feelings.  


It's sad but true, that the most popular definition of ‘success’ to most men is money or power.   Apply this male delusion globally and put men in charge, and we get what we have, a world motivated by money and power, and suppression of women.  How perfectly wrong can it be!


All this I have known for many years but not quite known what to do about it.  Then over a period of twenty years or so studying Nature and the incredible work of Viktor Schauberger, I learnt about patterns, Phi, the Fibonacci Series and the balance of energies in Nature.  And I learnt that Nature’s ‘balance’ of positive creative processes is not 50/50, it's always tipped in the favour of yin (female) energy - in the ratio of Phi, roughly 60% Yin (female) and 40% Yang (male) energies.


Over many years, I've learnt about ancient matriarchal societies that lasted thousands of years without famine or war , I thought of the general tendencies of women and men and, well, it just seems obvious really.


BiG LOve, Pete :)


The highest wisdom is simple and passes through the brain directly into the heart” (Viktor Schauberger)