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With catastrophic wildlife die-offs, destruction of forests, poisoning of water, violence and injustice around the globe, there cannot be one among us, who can truly claim we are living ‘with Nature’.  We are working ‘against Nature’.  


The issues we face, are due to how we run our societies and how we treat Mother Earth, and the facts are, that the vast majority of countries across the world have patriarchal societies.  As measured in January 2014, only 21.8% of all national parliamentarians were women; 5.9% of all heads of state were women; 7.8% of all Heads of Government were women; and 14.8% of all parliamentary speakers were women.


Our world, is overwhelmingly run by men.  And it’s not working.


Gender equality is now high on the agenda across the world with major initiatives by the United Nations and the HeForShe initiatve, and rightly so.  We all, desperately need women as well as men, to help find solutions to the crisis we face which have been brought about by ‘mostly male thinking’.  


But re-adjusting the imbalance across the planet will take precious time.  What can be done - right now - is to create a gender balanced assembly, a think tank of women and men to offer solutions to our predicament, so that we can start to engage the wisdom of women much more rapidly, and to start to work ‘with Nature’.


But Nature’s creative, sustainable, life-sustaining balance is not 50/50 female/male, it’s always tipped in the favour of the feminine - in the ratio of Phi, roughly 60/40 female/male which you can read about on the 'phi & gender equality' page


The Phi Assembly asserts that it is critical to humanity and other life forms, that women take their rightful place with men in the governance of earth.  And, that the ratio of female and male energy should be in harmony with Nature’s creative ratio: Phi. 

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